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  • ​Two consecutive courses required to gain the Web Development Certificate
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Total: $5,200
Course: Days: Time: Dates: Campus: Instructor: Price:
WebDev I Tuesday & Wednesday 6pm-8:30pm Oct 2nd - Dec 12th UCSB Campus
Angel Grablev
WebDev II Jan 8th - Mar 13th $2,6000
Angel Grablev, CEO at Freedcamp Inc. Angel has over 14 years of experience building Web Based systems. He has lead popular Web Development educational blogs and produced the first HTML5 and CSS3 framework. His experience ranges from design, marketing, branding, programming, to sales and management.

In the first class we'll cover


    Introduction to computers

    Regardless of your technical background, there are dozens of essential concepts you must master to be a successful web developer. Quickly performing code modifications with keyboard shortcuts will save you hours of unnecessary mouse movements. Having a strong familiarity with the operating system also enables you to learn new technologies and build websites faster easily.


    HTML/CSS with focus on building websites

    HTML and CSS are the two core languages that enable us to create any type of site. We will develop our code writing skills utilising a variety of learning techniques that progressively teach you how to build any kind of website. Starting with the basics, then diving into the more advanced aspects of each language.


    Frameworks to speed up development time

    Every web developer will build hundreds of websites throughout their career, commonly using almost identical elements in each. To save time the web development community has developed frameworks that already contain the most common aspects of a webpage that can quickly be re-used, this reduces the time it takes to build a website exponentially.


    Cutting edge techniques for modern Websites

    Building a website can be relatively easy, at least a basic one. However, to be a web developer, you must utilise a long list of techniques and technologies that have been introduced to the field in recent years. These techniques are just like a set of tools that a carpenter would utilise to build a house, the right tool for the job. We will learn how to make beautiful animations on our web pages, add videos to enhance the user experience, and much more!


    Overview of the development process

    Web development is a complicated process which can easily involve 3-6 people who specialise in each phase. We will review these steps to help you choose which aspect of web development best suits you! From research, planning, sketching, wireframing, designing, and coding, all the way to launching your website online.


    How to utilize Web Developer tools

    Over the past decade the job of a web developer has become much less stressful and time-consuming thanks to a plethora of amazing tools that guide us through the process of building excellent websites. Thanks to these tools you will instantly know when you've made a mistake, and can quickly see the result of what you're creating. It is instrumental that you master many of these tools, which are commonly a requirement to get a job in the industry.

  • The UCSB Web Developer Certificate

    • Other certificates overwhelm you with learning the fundamentals of numerous technologies. We focus on the core topics, allowing you to master them, making you a better web developer
    • Half the cost of other certificates
    • Shorter program getting you started in half the time
  • In-Person vs Online classes

    • Learning online requires countless hours of reading and staring at a screen which is challenging for most students
    • In-Person classes offer a dedicated instructor helping you understand any concepts you are struggling with
    • An in-person class creates a social environment helping you learn with others and feel a part of a team

In the second class we'll cover


    Introduction to JavaScript

    At the heart of any website lies a technology that enables us to produce interactive user experiences. Gone are the days where each time the user clicks on a button the entire page is uncomfortably reloaded. We are now able to interact, animate, and perform advanced tasks within a single web page. In this introduction, we will learn about the basics of programming and how to enable a rich user experience.


    Building advanced websites

    Building a webpage that displays your name, a paragraph of text, and a pretty mug shot is fantastic, however, to create a feature-rich website we need features such as a login page, ability for our visitors to add information into our website, and many components you use every day without realising.


    Advanced developer tools/applications such as Git and NPM

    Having learned the essential tools from course 1, we will continue our quest to master all the tools available to web developers that enable faster and higher quality website development. With Git we'll keep every single change we've made in our code safely in the cloud. NPM enables us to effortlessly add the dozens of dependencies that any modern website consists of.


    WordPress basics to enable advanced website functionality

    A sophisticated site, for example, Facebook, requires many software engineers to build databases, back-end languages, and other advanced systems. By using a system like WordPress, you can simply install any functionality you want with the click of a button. You can easily build the next Facebook yourself, without a single software engineer around.


    Advanced JavaScript to build sign up, databases, and other essential web features

    Once we've covered the basics of JavaScript, we'll dive a bit deeper to take advantage of the rich capabilities that JavaScript has to offer. Thanks to modern libraries such as jQuery/Angular/Vue we can quickly connect to a cloud system that instantly enables us to create Login and Sign Up systems, store user data in the cloud, and immediately update the interface when the data changes.


    Interview and Industry preparation

    We’ll cover the main concepts of what it takes to start a Web Development business and how to acquire clients. At the end of the class, you will be taught about common interview questions and will go through a mock interview. You will learn how to find a job in the tech industry and even how to prepare your resume for maximum success. We’ll cover the main concepts of what it takes to start a Web Development business and how to acquire clients.


Additionally we'll go over

    Start your own Web Development business

    Work with local companies to build them a web presence. Take on projects ranging from $5,000 - $30,000 and learn how to charge recurring maintenance fees each month.


    Earn a job as a Front-End Developer

    There are numerous opportunities in the Tech Industry. Quickly start a career and rise through the ranks. There is a shortage of Web Developers causing companies to fight for you.


    Build a Web Application as a business

    Have a great idea for a new web-based start-up? Learn how to turn your idea into reality and start earning recurring revenues. There has never been a better time for innovators to quickly build their ideas with minimal starting costs.


Easily one of the hottest careers with the best benefits

  • $40

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  • $82k

    Mean annual salary

  • #31

    in the 100 Best Jobs

  • 27%

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Statistics gathered from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and CNN