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We are located in one of the most culturally diverse and abundant areas of the world, California, on the beautiful University of California Santa Barbara campus. Tell us what your group's needs and interests are and we create a customized program for you! We excel in developing both academic and cultural programs tailored to meet the specific needs of global learners at various levels of expertise.

Our Programs:

Visiting Scholars Program

1-2 Quarters. Check out our brochure here!

  • The whole package! Participants learn and experience first-hand teaching practices and methodologies in modern classroom at a top-research university!
  • Customized to your needs and interests this program offers insights into classroom management, technology in education, instructional design, and educational policies, as well as English language skills.
  • Take our courses! Participants will undertake observations of lectures, classes and sections on UCSB campus, and can also enroll in courses for credit. They may engage in peer discussions with faculty from cognate departments of UCSB, and attend public research seminars.
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Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership

2 Weeks

A must for all entrepreneurs! Focusing on practical, real-world application of entrepreneurial skills and tools, this course immerses participants in principles, concepts, skills, practices, information, and choices relevant for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers, and their stakeholders!

Medical English Immersion Program

2 Weeks. Check out our brochure here! For more information, visit our Help Center.

  • Participate in a variety of clinical and medical settings

    • Students learn to read, interpret and critically assess medical texts and case studies, medical statistics, manuals, operating instructions, as well as analyze charts and graphs, and take notes while attending lectures and seminars. By reading for general meaning, word expansions, and vocabulary building, students acquire career-specific language development.
  • Course Outline:

    • U.S. healthcare delivery system
    • The language of patient interaction
    • Human anatomy and physiology
    • Medical history-taking
    • Trauma and emergency care
    • Diagnostic and treatment procedures
    • Development of presentation and medical writing skills
  • Learner Outcomes

    Upon completing this course, students will learn:

    • English medical terminology and clinical language in various medical settings
    • Improving communication and interaction skills in English
    • Managing difficult conversations with patients in English
    • Independently researching medical topics
    • Recording patient health histories
    • Understanding medication terminology and abbreviations
    • Providing written medical instructions and summaries


Create Your Own Program!

We speak customized. From one week to quarter long programs, we’ll develop a program for you. From undergraduate preparation to professional immersion, from American culture programs to corporate trainings, we’re ready to listen to your group’s needs and create a customized experience for you.

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